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A regular girl with a huge passion for zero hustle

I want you to be a shameless, bold, and legendary service-based entrepreneur.

I don’t buy into the glorified no-pain-no-gain mentality and if you would like to explore this idea, then this blog is for you. You’ll learn how to stay frakking sane while running (and growing!) your business even if your huge and kind mission in this life makes you think it’s impossible.

My name is Cornelia and here’s some key events from my life so far:

  • been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder
  • got rid of it a few years later with the help of EFT
  • spent 3 years living abroad, working as a waitress and hating my life
  • came back, found myself a soulmate, who happened to be living in another country
  • moved into an amazing apartment by the sea and forests together
  • got diagnosed with tuberculosis, still being treated
  • now working as a graphic designer, copywriter and a coach
  • begging my partner every day to accept on getting a parrot