I whole-heartedly believe that a service-based entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Even though, eventually, you can build your business to be as easy flowing as a river in springtime, that is not the case in the beginning.

When you start your journey as an entrepreneur, there’s A LOT of things you need to learn. You need discipline and extreme belief in yourself and your abilities. And, when you are just starting out, a lot of doubts and fears are sure to creep in, so you need to learn how to control your thoughts and come back to your path.


I believe that there is no one SINGLE formula of a successful business. Just as there is no one SINGLE type of personality that will excel in business.

If you don’t want to set yourself up for failure, don’t ever buy into the idea that there are a few letters that can define you and your ability to become what you want to become. If you have no idea what I mean, I am talking about the all-famous Meyers-Briggs personality test.

It gives you four letters that are supposed to tell you what to expect from yourself and your life path. I’m sorry not sorry, but I don’t believe in such labels and boxes. While a test like this might give you more insight into who you are as a person, don’t let it define your future.

And while there is no single formula for success, I do believe that most successful entrepreneurs share similar traits. So, let’s dive into them!


Every successful service-based entrepreneur I have ever met usually thinks differently. Their focus is not set on the mountains of cash that they want to accumulate. More often than not, they are focused on changing the frakking world!

And while it might seem like a big ordeal to others, these kinds of people see all the parts of the world that are frakked up as NOT NORMAL. Therefore, they want to change them – that’s their vision that they focus on.

If you are familiar with spiritual entrepreneurs as much as I am, you have probably heard them saying that the Earth’s consciousness is changing. And they are in the business of doing that exact thing – shifting the consciousness.


Most entrepreneurs usually start out being led by passion. Of course, sometimes this passion is related to not having to live under a bridge.

But, service-based entrepreneurs have their big WHYs. They are usually not in the business just for themselves, or they have experienced an extreme trauma that have led them to extreme determination – which goes hand in hand with passion.

Because they are passionate about what they do, they are comfortable with being uncomfortable. They understand that growth always comes AFTER being uncomfortable.


I personally think that self-belief is a very underrated trait of a successful entrepreneur.

Through my journey as an online entrepreneur, I have created many businesses in the past. Most of them failed. Yup! Do you know why? It was not because of my lack of knowledge about marketing, design, or lack of funds.

Most of the time, they failed because I did not REALLY believe that I could DO IT.

And since I wasn’t truly, deeply believing in myself, I did not have the discipline to get out there every day and do what I needed to do to become successful. I was a wantrepreneur.

Why? Well, why do something if it’s going to fail, anyway? That was my subconscious belief.


As a beginner service-based entrepreneur, you will be wearing many hats at first. Unless you have the capital to outsource a lot of work, you need to be willing to learn a lot in a very short period of time.

You will also have to become friends with technology. If you are not ready for that, don’t go into business.


This is another hat that you’ll have to wear – you’ll need to become aware of your cash flow and be careful of what to invest into.

People starting out online usually develop the “next shiny object” syndrome. Which happens when they are experiencing issues in their business (and you will!), and they see someone promising them that they will solve all of those issues.

Eventually, they start chasing every course, group program, ebook, accumulating them in their hard drives, just for the sake of buying something that, maybe, fix their problems.

The reality is, sometimes they buy all of those things even though they are not necessary. Instead, they could invest such amounts of money back into their business.

Eventually, they become scared to look at their bank account statement.

In order to avoid this, I would recommend becoming VERY comfortable with money and developing a system to manage it.

You can hire an accountant, use something like Freshbooks, or even a simple system like 6 Jars.


Money loves speed. You will have to make a lot of decisions. Therefore, you will need to be very decisive and stick to your decision if you want money.

My boyfriend always says, “if you cannot make up your mind between two options, it means that they are probably equally good – so just choose either and go with it”.


Ford was one of the most creative people in the world. I remember a story that I’ve read about him that still fascinates me to this day.

When Ford was designing some type of a new car (forgive me my lack of memory), his engineers told him that the way he wants the engine to be, is impossible. They just didn’t have the technology for it.

Instead of giving up, Ford insisted of building the engine just the way he wanted, continuing on putting pressure on his engineers.

After months and months of work, they have finally figured out how to create it and Ford was able to use it in his cars.

Sometimes, even if you think that there is no possibility of you accomplishing something, you just have to stick to it and trust the process. The creative muse will visit you, too.


Not everything is always going to go the way you want. And while it’s important to stick to your vision, you will most likely have to adjust the path that you’re on.

The most important part to flexibility is knowing that a bump in the road does not mean failure – it just means that you need to adjust accordingly.


In the world, full of illusive competition, only those who collaborate with each other and help each other out are the ones who become successful.

Don’t be scared to ask for help or offer some in return.

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Remember, success means different things to different people. Never feel bad for where you are at right now. Instead, try to grow every day! And Chillsprout will help you out, of course!

Do you have what it takes to be a successful service based entrepreneur?