As a service based entrepreneur, you’ve probably been convinced that, in order for you to make consistent income, you need to create CONSISTENTLY.

Actually, that is NOT true. There is no need for the monthly launches of new products or services. There is no need for you to burn out before you sell anything.

I once read a vulnerable story about one of the most famous business coaches in the online space, Angie Lee. She admitted that she used to cry on the floor during every launch of her new services or products.

Yet, in the eyes of her audience and other coaches, she was a successful woman, living her dream of being an incredible influence to many women in the world.

She knew that the reality wasn’t as beautiful as it looked. And I know that Angie is not the only one who has experienced this.


Actually, forget about the idea of more service = more money. You and your services are valuable enough for you to be able to have more abundance in your life.

And by valuable enough, I don’t mean that you should just increase the prices of every service that you provide. You can do that, but that’s not the point of this blog post.

What you need to do is to realize that YOU don’t need to be MORE to be WORTHY of more.

So how do you ACTUALLY increase the monthly sales in your business without creating anything new?


The easiest way for you to increase the revenue coming from all of your sales channels is to optimize the copy (text) of each of those funnels.

If you know that some of the sales are coming from people who visited your blog, who came from Pinterest, how could you optimize the landing page? Or the sales page? Or, even the blog post that is the most profitable?

If you know that you’ve got a 5% conversion rate from your email list, how could you increase that to 6%? Or 10%? Would that make a difference?

The easiest way to increase conversions is by optimizing your copy for sales. If you’ve already got traffic and an audience buying your stuff, why not to have more of those people buying?

A good copy is also incredibly important for evergreen funnels, because you want that steady moolah, ye?

So, how do you increase conversions?

You can either take a course and learn copywriting (I recommend Neville’s Kourse – it’s amazing for beginners) or you can just hire a copywriter who will help you increase those conversions. <– as in, contact me and we’ll talk. πŸ˜‰


If you have a lower-tier product or service, don’t ever let the client go after just that one service being done. You should continue serving them in a way that will be beneficial for both of you.

Therefore, having services that gradually increase in value AND price, while providing a logical flow is extremely important.

You wouldn’t want me to try sell you cleaning services after we have just finished our webdesign contract, right?

So make sure that your ideal client has a journey to go on. And you are the old white-bearded wizard that will show them the world of wonder on the other side.

Same goes for downsells – if you feel like a lower-tier service/product would serve them better, introduce that one instead.


How many times have you actually reached out to your clients after the contract has ended? And, not for the purpose of getting a testimonial?

I know it can be quite awkward to do, because you probably think that they have forgotten about you or have more important stuff to do.

You would be surprised to learn about the amount of people who would actually love to work with you again. And, that’s a really easy way to leverage what you’ve already got!

People who have bought from you BEFORE will be more inclined to buy from you again.

So, dig up those emails of your previous clients and ask them what they’ve been up to. Even better, hop on a call with them. If you show them that you are genuinely interested to know more about them, they might even want more help from you.


This one’s eaaaasyyyyy. You don;t even need much “advice” here. Just take your favorite pieces of content, see how popular they were, and package them up into something “new”.

For example, using your older Facebook posts, you could paste them into an email series and use it as a lead magnet. You could also grab some of your videos and sell them as a course.

If you use a little bit of creativity, and fill in some gaps in between of the content, you can create a really solid product that will not require much “creation”.


You promoting other people’s product does not mean that you don’t value your services enough. It actually means that you are a smart business owner wanting to create multiple streams of income.

It is sooo easy these days to find offers to promote. You can start with ShareaSale, where you can find hundreds upon hundreds of offers for any niche.

Some of the most popular brands in the world are working with ShareaSale in order to bring more revenue, so why shouldn’t you?

You can also go the other route – have affiliates promote your products and services. The easiest way to set up affiliate campaigns for people to apply for is through Sendowl.

I am registered as an affiliate for a few programs through Sendowl and it makes it so easy to see your stats and offers in one dashboard!

And if you have NO knowledge about affiliate marketing, check out the free lessons on Affilorama.

I hope these tips helped you change your perspective a little bit. If you think they did, let me know in the comments!

Again, if you’d like to improve your conversion rate, don’t hesitate to contact me using the form. I’ll reply within 24 hours (except weekends).

How to double your income without launching anything new