When I was in my senior year of university, I got extremely busy. I had to go to classes every day, I had two internships that year, I was writing my thesis, did homework (more writing, most of the time), and went to the gym three times a week. Oh, and I was working part-time on top of all that.

Honestly, I have no idea how I managed to survive all this. It was extremely stressful.

I started developing migraine. There was once a day during my shift at work when I thought I was going to throw up and pass out because the throbbing headache was so bad. And I had no idea what was going on – but my body was starting to give up on me.


One evening, while chatting with my best friend online, I’ve noticed that I was making a lot of typos. And for me, that was a big deal, because I am a total perfectionist when it comes to my spelling. It’s had for me to just let go and allow all those typos!

I thought it was strange, but I just decided that I was probably just tired and I should probably just go rest. Little did I know, but that was just the beginning of a very stressful and scary night.

As soon as my body hit a horizontal position in the bed, half of it went numb. Starting from my left toes, all the way up to the half side of my face and tongue. Just numb.

I freaked out. When the ambulance came, I couldn’t explain what was happening to me. The words coming out of my mouth were just not the same ones I had in my mind. They probably thought I was having a stroke.


After a brain scan in the hospital, they told me that I am fine (the doctor on duty was suspecting multiple sclerosis) and that I should see a neurologist ASAP.

That’s how I got diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. And what did I get for treatment? Some mild sedatives to calm my autonomic nervous system (responsible for the fight or flight response) down. I just had to accept the fact that I am not okay anymore and I will have to live with these anxiety attacks for the rest of my life now.

Are you dealing with business-related anxiety?

Well, so I did. I continued having these anxiety attacks of half of my body going numb for no reason. Even when I wasn’t stressed in life, at all. And these attacks would last for days. I would just get those homeopathic sedatives and move on.


Until about a year or so, when I found out about Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping. I was able to get rid of anxiety attacks in about a month. Probably even less. And, even after very stressful situations in my life (like, being diagnosed with tuberculosis), I have never had an anxiety attack again.

Let me share a little bit about the EFT with you. I know that, to some of you, this will sound and look like something from a fantasy book and will make no sense. That’s fine. It made no sense to me at first, either.

So, you have probably heard about acupuncture, right? Where people stick long scary needles into specific parts on their skin? Well, EFT uses the same pressure points on your skin, but mostly on your face. The best part – NO NEEDLES involved!

Instead, you just use gentle tapping motion with your fingers while saying specific statements, related to your issue. I often tell people that they should do this while in the bathroom, because the tapping process will probably take you less than five minutes, but it’s still quite awkward to do it in front of other people.

While it might look strange, EFT has actually been proven to work by re-balancing your autonomic nervous system. There are tons of testimonial videos on Youtube of people using EFT to get rid of other issues, too. Fibromyalgia, fear of swimming, smoking, and many others.

I personally like Robert Geene’s version of tapping a bit more, because I have noticed that it really takes less time to notice the results, but it’s a lot more intense emotionally. So, because I am usually pretty lazy and don’t want to become emotionally tired after a tapping session, I just follow one of my scripts. Or just a video I find on Youtube. But, if you want quicker results, I definitely recommend learning Robert’s method, or, as he calls it, Faster EFT.


Here’s how these methods work:

You sit comfortably and relaxed. Making sure that nobody will disturb you during the session will really help you go all in.

You have some sort of a script to follow – these are statements, related to the situation you want to overcome.

You gently tap on the specific points on your face and a couple of spots on your body while reading/ repeating the statements. My favorite is the collarbone.

According to the woo-woo side of this method, your body’s energy gets balanced through balancing your meridian points. According to the scientific side, your sympathetic nervous system gets balanced and that’s what helps with anxiety and other stuff.

That’s it. If you do this daily, you will start feeling better. Honestly, my goal wasn’t to get rid of the anxiety attacks when I started tapping, but that’s what happened, among other things.


Look, I know that you don’t need a disclaimer of me saying that I am not a medical professional and, if you are experiencing severe anxiety you should see a therapist. I trust that you are smart enough to realize that. My goal with this blog is to spread the message of alternative ways on how to live a calm life, full of flow and ease (and cash).

And I thought that a post about my story would be a great start.

Starting this week, I will provide a quick tip on how to enrich your life with mindfulness and helpful ideas on how to deal with anxiety that is so common among entrepreneurs, but often not spoken about.

There should be no shame in that. We all struggle sometimes. It’s okay. But there is another way. And I am here to show you the way. Actually, many ways – because there is no “one true way”.

Enter my VIP vault and you will find a quick cheatsheet on the most important EFT pressure points and my favorite script that will help you relax in less than five minutes:

How I got rid of my anxiety without medicine in about 5 minutes a day