If you’ve looked at guides on how to launch a coaching business, you’ve probably seen them telling you to do something like this:

  1. get a website
  2. have a professional photo shoot (preferably with a wig on)
  3. create a freebie
  4. launch a tripwire
  5. send people through a nurture sequence
  6. continue sending them value emails
  7. sell them a $47 product
  8. sell them a $97 product
  9. try to get them on a sales call
  10. try to sell them a high-end coaching package

You are welcome. Some “business coaches” will try to sell you this “system” for thousands of dollarinoes – and you just got this information for free, so go ahead and launch your (un)successful coaching biz.

Okay, I am not that heartless. I am actually a very kind person, if you ask me. But, unless you want clients in a few years and not this month, I would not recommend following this kind of system.

You see, I tried it myself. I got on maybe 15 sales calls with people, poured ALL THE value and heart and love onto them, and they didn’t buy anything from me.

A major reason for that was my mindset, but I will not get into that in this post. Instead, I want to talk a little bit about the logistics on starting a coaching business. These principles can apply to any other service-based business, too. Even freelancing!

So, don’t believe the people who tell you that you need a professional website, a photo shoot, a big email list, and freebies, tripwires, a gazillion products that upsell each other… the list is frakking endless!

I even read an email from a pro freelancer suggesting that you wear a wig for your photo shoot! I know that she’s amazing at what she does, but do you really need to pretend to be THAT perfect? Actually, people prefer to relate to regular hoomans more, so no need for wigs!

So, what are the requirements for a successful service-based business?


Before you yell at me, I know that none of us will ever know everything and the guru-craze is finally gradually wearing off. But, you need to establish yourself as an expert in one specific thing.

Imagine if you broke a leg. Would you google “doctor in Houston”? Probably not. You would search for “traumatologist in Houston”. You would look for a person who specializes in something very specific, right?

Same goes for service providers. You probably wouldn’t hire a life coach to help you with putting your kids to sleep. You would hire someone who specializes in helping to develop healthy sleep patterns in children (I hope that is a thing; I know nothing about children – forgive me).

What if I have no specific skills, you ask me? Well, then. Sorry to tell you, but you will have to go back to studying. You need to have something valuable to share with people. And you probably do already, but you need to get specific and clear on it!

Are you attracting clients easily?


People loooove step-by-step programs. There is something oh, so sexy about having the key to the door of someone’s special system that will help you transform your life/ business/ website/ etc.

There’s nothing sleazy about this. You probably want to offer something that you have overcome in the past. If you look at it from where you stand today, you can probably tell which steps you needed to take in order to get where you are and to overcome your obstacles.

If you put that into your own methodology, people will be more compelled to buy from YOU and not someone else. Because you are inherently unique. And you need a way of showing that to your ideal clients. A system / methodology is one of the ways of doing that.


Okay, this one will take you the longest time. But, if you do it successfully, the payoff will be incredible. You’ll have a bunch of raving fans waiting for you to release a new product so that they can buy it ASAP.
There are many ways of building an audience around your brand organically (that means FREEEEE).

Here’s a few ways to gain a following for free:

  • start a Youtube channel
  • open a Facebook group
  • create an Instagram page
  • write a blog

What do you do on these platforms (not all at once!)? You focus on creating content. You share your expertise with people, You share your stories. You create a community.

This is actually my goal with chillsprout.com: I want to create a community of chill entrepreneurs who are passionate about growth without the endless hustle!


If you have read my previous post, you will already know why you need to learn copywriting instead of marketing. If not, I really recommend you reading it.

You will probably have a really hard time selling anything if you do not know how to write a compelling copy. And no marketing “trick” will save your bum. Just go and learn copywriting, please. My fave course on how to do that for beginners is Kopywriting Kourse by Neville Medhora, who has written copy for huge internet companies and his own successful businesses.


I personally used to struggle with this A LOT. Since I believed that hustle is not required for me to be a successful entrepreneur (which is true!), I did not want to be consistent and show up every day.

The reality is, though, there are things that need to be done, which CAN be hard work sometimes. But, we can choose it to be harder than it actually is.

Therefore, having a clear plan of how you are going to stay consistent and sticking to it, is required when building a business online. Of course, you don’t have to show up in your Facebook group to do livestreams every day. But, you should have a schedule for your content and stick to it.

If you don’t, people will just forget about you. Sadness.

That will be $5K, please. Just kidding. If you take these tips and actually implement them, I would love to know!

Remember – a service-based business is still a business. So treat it like one. A business is supposed to make money. Money loves speed. So take action NOW and be CONSISTENT.

See you on the other side. 😉

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