Have you heard of the new Pinterest feature, Communities? Not many people are talking about it, yet. If you are someone who relies a lot on Pinterest for it to drive traffic to the website, you might be interested in this!


Yes and no. People at Pinterest have clearly stated before that their platform is a search engine, much like Google. But, more visual. They have features like messages and group boards for collaboration, and even the ability to follow someone.

All these things look to me like they’d be on a social platform. Yet, Pinterest has always clearly stated that their main focus is creating a platform for people to visually search for content.


There has been a lot of talk about Pinterest group boards being dead these past few months. Unfortunately, I can’t personally say that they have died for me, since I jumped on Pinterest in July, just after their major algorithm update.

I’ve seen people complaining about their group board reach declining after that update, but to me it was always a disaster.

Even with just a couple of hundred followers on Pinterest, I was able to get bigger reach from my personal boards than from my pins on group boards.

Yet, I know that there are people claiming that they have several group boards performing well for them. I guess, you need to look at your own analytics and decide whether or not it’s worth pursuing to get into these group boards. Which, as you may or may not know, is usually a pain in the butt.


So, what’s the new feature like?

To me personally, it looks a lot like Facebook groups. With a slightly less intuitive user interface. It’s still kind of clunky, but I hope they’ll change it soon.

Once you get access to Communities, you see several of them being promoted. Most of them already have hundreds of early adopters.

You can also see the search bar (which doesn’t work for me at all), and a button to create your own Community.


One interesting fact is that there cannot be two Communities with the same name. That’s one of the reasons why people are trying to jump into these as soon as possible and create as many relevant Communities as possible.

I, too, think, that this could be potentially very profitable in the long run. Imagine someone looking for a Community of people interested in Marketing. And there’s only one with that name.

People might think that it’s a good advantage for them to own this community – it will probably attract a lot of people.

But, what kind of people is it going to attract? ALL KINDS. For example, bloggers might want to join a Community to get help with their blog marketing. Service-based entrepreneurs might want to ask for help in another specific Community.

Would you really want to attract a crowd of random people who will probably not be interested in what you’re offering?

It’s worth thinking about your own strategy and your current audience before creating a Pinterest Community. It has to fit your brand and appeal to your ideal client/ reader.

Whether you create a niche-specific Community or a general one, there’s always an advantage of being an early adopter, so don’t hesitate for too long.

Are you already using Pinterest Communities?


Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that Pinterest will send you automated emails regarding the Communities that you’re in. It sends you updates on what’s happening inside them.

So, if you have a pretty engaged Community, Pinterest will do the marketing for you!


So, if you still don’t have the access to Communities, here’s what you need to do:

First, you need to receive an invitation to join any community. You need to use your mobile phone for this. After that, your account will be updated with the ability to use Communities.

I’ll use one of my Communities that you can join. Click on this link using your phone: https://pin.it/2cvir7cnln2oxw

Once you accept the invitation, your Pinterest app will be updated automatically and you’ll be able to access the Communities from your desktop, too.

Once you get access, you’ll see a search bar (which, at the time of writing this, still doesn’t work for me) and the most popular Communities.

You can join them simply by clicking a button up top.

You can also invite people into your Community using social media or sending them your unique link, like mine: https://pin.it/2cvir7cnln2oxw


Having a Community and properly nurturing it can really put you in a position of an authority.

But, at the moment, it seems to me that people are treating these communities like they are treating Group Boards and even some Facebook Groups. They’re just dropping their content hoping to get some traffic out of it.

That’s not going to be beneficial to you as the owner of the Community, at all. Setting some rules and making sure that people follow them might be good. Or it might not.

My conclusion? I think that, if you love Pinterest and want to put all of your eggs in their basket, you can try creating a Community or two or seventeen and seeing where it goes.

For now, I am sticking to Facebook Groups. They’re more convenient to use and I can do things like livestreams, which I love. Want to join mine?

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