You know those days when it’s really hard to sit down and do the damn thing for your business? But, did you know that you can also train your brain to be productive?

I’ve got great news for you. Your brain, just like any other part of your body, can be trained with certain habits. One of them is music!


Scientists have conducted loads of research to figure out how music impacts our brain – and productivity is one of the topics. Can certain music (not binaural beats) actually increase your ability to do more work? Or, in my case right now, increase the number of words per hour?

Research shows that yes, it CAN! Hallelujah!


Apparently, there are several factors that you should consider when choosing the music to work to. And it all depends on your current habits.

For example, lyrics in the songs might be more distracting, since you will probably subconsciously want to focus on the words in the song, which may interrupt your train of thought. Can this be applied to foreign songs – I would guess no (I see you, K-pop fans!).

Also, if you are forced to listen to music while working, say in an office, you will more likely find it distracting. It’s because you don’t have a choice.

The difficulty of your task can also influence your ability to concentrate while listening to music – if your task is really complicated, you might find any kind of music distracting.


From what I have read and tested myself, music that I am not familiar with, music that has no lyrics, is pretty slow or mid-tempo work best. Let’s break these down:

Familiarity: I have noticed that I can recognize music tracks that I have listened to several times before. Therefore, when I am working, my brain tends to shift my focus more often to the music than my work.

Lyrics: as mentioned above, if the song has lyrics in it, my brain will probably focus on those instead of the words that I need to write. Since most of the things that I need to accomplish during the day include writing, this can get pretty annoying pretty quickly.

Tempo: since I love dancing, music that has a pretty high tempo will just make me wanna dance. Therefore, I prefer listening to something calm and relaxing.


Thank the lords of the universe for an invention such as Spotify, where anyone can share their playlists! There’s already loads of playlists created by Spotify team themselves, and they even have a category for work/ studying. I included my favorites in this post.

When choosing yours, think of your favorite type of music and CHOOSE THE OPPOSITE KIND. Why? Because if your brain recognizes it, you’ll probably get distracted.

I am not saying you should go straight for death trash black metal! But, if you are like me and usually prefer music that is high tempo and has a nice beat, choose something mild instead.

Love playing video games? Think of any atmospheric music in your favorite video games and look them up on Spotify. They probably have it already.

If you ever watched a movie thinking “the soundtrack of this is amazing”, you should probably look it up.

One of my favorite movie’s soundtrack blew my mind (just like the movie itself), and I am still listening to it to this day. If I could, I would listen to it 24/7. No kidding. Also, watch Moon.


bestest movie ever, bestest movie soundtrack ever.











calm and chill lounge for work










my favorite chill electronic playlist created by Spotify











this one is pretty weird, but I love it!










another laidback lounge playlist from Spotify










if you ever played Skyrim, you will know how great this is.











Remember to rotate the playlists so that you don’t get too familiar with the songs!

Spotify playlists you need in your life to increase your productivity