I once signed up for a free 5-day email course from byregina.com. I always expect good quality shiz from her, but this email course was particularly interesting to me because the last part of it talked about the amount of hours that Beyonce has.

You know the saying, we’ve all got the same 24 hours in a day, just like Beyonce?

Well, apparently, the Queen B is extremely good at time hacking, because she has at least 344 hours in a day!

How so? Well, Regina said that, from her research, she found out that Beyonce has AT LEAST “6 nannies for the twins, 2 nannies for their older child, a team of legal/PR people who are reserving social media handles and trademarks for all the children, the multiple personal assistants, the security team, the stylists, the people who do her hair and her makeup. I didn’t even get to her own private chefs, private transportation, advertising/PR people, choreography/production people, her on-site personal trainers, and everything in between.”

So, Regina made a rough estimate of 40-ish staff members x 8 hours of work equal to 344 hours.

That’s insane!

So, we don’t really have the same hours in a day as Beyonce does. Not even close. So what do we, poor mortals, do about our time when building our business AND manage everything ourselves?

We hack time.


I’ve recently written a post on the productivity matrix and one of the quadrants in there is for delegating tasks.

The reason why Beyonce has 344 hours in a day is because she’s delegating most of her tasks to other people.

This doesn’t mean that you have to hire 40 team members to manage your business and do occasional butt-wiping for you.

These days, you can find someone to do some simple tasks for you for a couple of bucks an hour. Use Upwork, for example.

There’s plenty of people there all ready to make your life a little bit easier. Imagine how much more free time you’d get if you hired someone to take over the pinning for you.

Is it worth those $5/h? I think yes.

Do you manage your time effectively?


At the base level, productivity for me means that we only do the things that will benefit us either immediately or in the long run.

What this does is that it eliminates the need to do everything, which, in turn, reduces the anxiety and overwhelm.

The hardest part is deciding what’s actually important for your business and life.

Will it benefit you? Will it bring money? How much?

You need to become really serious about the tasks that you take up on.

Once you start being productive instead of busy all the time, you start creating time for yourself. To either relax or do more activities which bring more moolah for your business.


When planning your week, try to plan it in a way that will help your brain to stay the most productive.

If you keep switching between tasks, your brain literally needs time to re-focus on that specific task. Therefore, it’s best to continuously work on one specific task at a time.

How do you do a lot of work in short time?

The best way to do that is to theme your days.

For example, Mondays and Tuesdays for me are the days when I write my content. Wednesdays are when I am creating graphics, and Thursdays – Fridays are reserved for client calls and other client-related work.

I do have other tasks scheduled into these days, but, usually, they don’t take longer than 1-2 hours and I schedule time to let my brain re-focus (as in, breaks).


If you are like me, I have a very clear schedule and tasks that I need to accomplish in front of me, but, sometimes I just … can’t.

I will procrastinate for the whole day, feel shitty about procrastinating, and then scramble my ways to try to complete it before I go to bed.

This, my sproutsicle, creates an enormous amount of guilt and anxiety. We don’t want that.

What we do want is power hours.

Sitting down and working in 25 minute increments. You can accomplish sooo much during those 25 minutes.

If 25 minutes sound like too much, try 15! You can do some work for 15 minutes straight, right? No Facebook, no Instagram, no emails.

Just work. Then take a 5 minute break. Then work again.

You’ll feel the juices of productivity and the neurotransmitters of accomplishment rushing through your body immediately.

Use an in-built timer on your phone for this or even an app. There’s ones that reward you for working. For example, you can “build” your own forest by working. It’s really fun!


I am such an advocate for accountability buddies. Even virtual ones can provide such a boost of productivity for you!

For example, create some healthy competition between yourselves.

Let’s say, both of you need to write some blog posts this week. Choose a day when you’ll both be able to sit down and write a lot. You can start at the same time, do some check-ins, and even have an end-time.

At the end of the day, compare notes. How many words have you both written? Who wrote more blog posts? Who wrote the most SEO-friendly post? Who has made the most progress on their epic blog post?

The list of criteria can go on and on. This will motivate you to write and you can use the same method for other tasks!


The reason why we want to create time in the first place is so that we can have more of it for ourselves, our family, or our pets, plants, pots… You get the point.

As I always say, YOU are the most important asset of your business. So don’t forget to schedule some time in for yourself.

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