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Now that we’ve covered the myths and the reasons why you, as a solopreneur, should start doing affiliate marketing to create a passive income stream, it’s time to go to the HOW part.

In this post, I’ll show you how the best affiliate marketers promote the offers for commissions. All of these recommendations are gonna be ORGANIC. Meaning, you don’t need to invest anything upfront, considering you already have a website.

P.S. I know that in the last post I’ve promised you that I would list affiliate offers that pay out up to $8000 per sale, but I’ve decided to create a separate post for it. That’s gonna be the PART 4.

From my experience of knowing and interacting with several successful internet marketers, I know a fair deal about the behind the scenes world of affiliate marketing. Let’s jump straight in!


This is probably the most common way nowadays to plug your affiliate links in. That’s how bloggers monetize their websites – it’s usually affiliate offers and ads.

The reason why it’s so popular is simple – it’s really easy to do. All you need is a blog post with some affiliate links in it.

The reason why most bloggers fail, though, is because they have no strategy behind it. They just link the affiliate offer every time they mention it.

Instead, try to be more strategic with it. For example, create a review post. There are thousands of blogs out there just based on reviews., for example, is one of the most popular ones.

The whole site is ONLY affiliate links to Amazon. They review (sometimes just in a couple of sentences) funny and not-so-useful gifts. People go to their site just to find some gag gifts and end up purchasing them through their links. Which, in turn, gives the owners of this site commissions from Amazon.

You don’t have to dedicate your whole blog to reviewing products. Think of an interesting way you could present your favorite software to your audience. They’ll love it!


As I have mentioned in my previous post, some affiliate programs give you a pre-made sequence of emails that you should send out while promoting their product.

However, doing this might even damage your brand.

While it may seem easy and simple, it won’t sound like you and your audience will know it.

Instead, create your own sequence of emails curated to promote this one offer. The sequences can range anywhere from 3 emails up to …. 20? Depends on the offer and your strategy. 🙂

You don’t necessarily have to create a bunch of emails to sell one product, especially if it’s lower tier. The thing is, only about 10% – 30% will see your email (depending on your usual open rates). So, don’t be afraid to pitch the product several times.

Do you think making affiliate sales is easy?


Another really cool way to promote affiliate offers is to host a webinar or a livestream. Top-notch affiliate marketers in the industry host webinars to promote someone else’s high-end product, so why shouldn’t you?

Just like you’d create a livestream on Facebook to provide some information and promote your own product, you can recommend an affiliate offer.

You can share the results you’ve had with it, the results that your clients had with it, or show a little bit of an insider’s view.

There’s so many ways to do it in a livestream – be creative!

Later, you can automate this webinar to be evergreen and bring you passive sales from this one affiliate offer. Imagine what would happen with several of these!


Most affiliate programs will give your audience some sort of special incentive to sign up through your link or a promotional code.

It’s enough to just tune into any big beauty youtuber’s channel these days to see that they’ve got their promo codes stuffed under every video.

You can do the same! If you’ve got a special discount code to provide to your audience, you can do soooo much with it:

  • put it in the description of a Youtube video
  • write it on a piece of paper at a networking event and give it to a new buddy
  • mention it in your podcast
  • print a bunch out and throw on the streets – NO, don’t do this. Don’t litter.


Instead of promoting your affiliate blog posts, why not to create a pin that would lead directly to the offer? The people who clicked on it would go straight to the sales page. And, if they purchase, you get commission.

Magic. No website needed.

I’ve heard some people having success with it, but some are against it. They were saying that Pinterest sometimes messes with your affiliate links. I can’t confirm this.

I personally see no issue with sending your pin viewers directly to an affiliate offer, but do it at your own risk.


Your website is your home on the internets AND your playground. Don’t be scared to play!

You could put some pretty looking and enticing banners in the sidebar. Or in the middle of a post. At the bottom of this post you can see my banner for an affiliate offer that I am promoting.

You can stuff these anywhere!


If you currently have some clients or have had them in the past, you can recommend affiliate offers to them.

They already see you as authority and would appreciate the gesture! Just make sure that the client will actually benefit form this offer.

This wraps up the 7 ways that you can implement affiliate marketing into your business as a stream of (passive) income. The next part will reveal the best-paying as well as the most popular affiliate programs that you can sign up for.

P.S. Have any questions? Pop them in the comments section!

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