When I decided that I wanted to start an online coaching business, I joined many Facebook groups in order to familiarize myself with the industry.

Little did I know, it was full of empty promises and people quitting the business left and right, because they had bought into those tricks.

One of them was sales coaches preaching about marketing. And how important it is. And how you need to learn marketing in order to make posts on Facebook that sell your high-ticket programs.

If you want to know why that’s a bunch of non-sense, I recommend you reading my post from a bit earlier. You’ll learn why this post focuses on copywriting, something that ACTUALLY works and helps you sell on social media.



Okay, so let’s start with the common misconception about the coaching and consulting industry being overcrowded and too competitive. First of all, I don’t believe in COMPETITION, since you are UNIQUE in what you do. Therefore, you have no real competition.

The real issue is, though, that people are sick and tired of boring bullshit. If you go to any Facebook group where coaches come to every day to sell to other coaches, you’ll see all the same posts, just different wording.

You’ll see them talk about your shiny object syndrome and you downloading every freebie, and how they were the same. You’ll see them talk about the “magical and juicy stuff” that is as intangible as my fart – you can smell the essence, but it fades away relatively quickly. And you’ll have to buy their product to understand what it is that they are actually selling… if you’re lucky.


Let’s talk about the actual problem – the attention span of ours, hoomans. Nobody likes seeing boring shit over and over again. And since our attention span is now shorter than the one of a goldfish – you need to be able to capture that quickly.

Or you’ll drown in the sea of boring-butt coach-talk with the rest of the coaches who don’t know copywriting.


If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, you are probably having a hard time selling your stuff. I totally understand you – we bought into the idea that selling is slimey and sleazy. But that’s because we have probably never met an actually good salesperson.

If you want to see one, look up Lindsey Wilson. I love the idea that she’s preaching: sales are love. And they absolutely are. When you are selling from a place of service, you are doing the person a favor.

That’s why I am so passionate about helping spiritual service-based entrepreneurs – I love what they are doing, but they have no idea how to sell it online without sounding like someone else.

And you want to be selling. You need to sell! You are selling a service that people need. So do them a favor and SELL! Even if by “selling” you mean for them to watch a free video of yours.

And since the best way to sell online is through copywriting, I will teach you a formula on how to write all of your social media posts, video scripts, sales pages, emails…. If you need to write anything that is even remotely related to your audience having to take any kind of action, you need copywriting.

Are you comfortable with promoting yourself online?


Who’s Aida? Well, she’s only the most popular girl in the copywriting world. Literally everyone knows her. She’s your girl-next-door, and you can always count on her to sell your service.

I won’t get into the history of how she was born (because I honestly don’t remember), and it doesn’t matter. What matters is, that you need to know what she stands for.

A – attention. You grab the reader out of their boring life.
I – interest. Tell something new and interesting.
D – desire. Connect with their heart so that they know they need your service.
A – action. Ask them to take the required step.

Here’s an example of how this works in real-life copywriting, from Moz.com:

Danny Iny has written an amazing article about his own spin on AIDA, which you can read HERE.


Now that you know the most basic structure of copywriting, you can go ahead and write some social media posts!

But, before you go, I want to answer a question that I know you’ll ask.

How long should the post be?

It doesn’t matter. Yes, I’ve said it – it doesn’t matter. Statistically, sales pages that contain a long-form copy do better. But, for social media posts, where you shouldn’t be doing THAT MUCH of a hard sell anyway, the length doesn’t really matter.

As long as you are writing from your heart, and infuse YOUR STORY into it, you will be able to catch your ideal client’s attention and lead them towards your service.

If you want an in-depth course on learning copywriting and using it in your own business, I recommend Kopywriting Kourse. Neville has been teaching beginners on how to copywrite and has several successful businesses of his own.

Download a free workbook from my VIP Vault on how to use this formula to craft social media posts that sell!

P.S. If you already have some social media or website copy and would want it to convert better and sound more aligned to you, check out my Copyleap service!